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Archive english 2019


International Congress on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation
and Energy Conservation in Buildings AirVent-2019.

February 13, 2019, moscow

Aquatherm Moscow 2019 


The organizers:

Russian Society of HVAC Engineers (ABOK)
Reed Exhibitions


Supportins organizations:

Congress chairmen:

Marianna Brodach vice-president ABOK 



Dear Colleague, 

The International Congress on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in BuildingsAirVent-2019,will be held in Moscow, Russia on February 13, 2019 during exhibition Aquatherm Moscow 2019.As the Congress chairman, it is a great honor for me to invite you for this conference. AirVent-2019 will include keynote lectures and several specialized reports on different topics related to ventilation, IAQ, smart technologies and energy modeling. Industry participation is very welcomed, and we hope that the congress will lead to effective and fruitful communication between the research, design and industrial communities.

Main topics:

  • Global trends in the development of HVAC systems
  • Ventilation strategies and measurement techniques
  • IAQ and Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Ventilation and air heating systems
  • Smart Technologies
  • Design and energy modeling

Key Speakers 

Ventilation - in search of excellence
Iurii A. Tabunshchikov, professor, doctor of science, President ABOK

Iurii A. Tabunshchikov, President of the Russian Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Constructional Thermal Physics Engineers Association (ABOK), Head of the Engineering Departmentof Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), Professor, Member of the Russian State Academy of Architecture and Construction Science, ASHRAE Fellowmember, REHVA Fellowmember, VDI correspondent member. In 2007, hebecame a Nobel Prize Winneras a member of the International Panelon Climate Change (IPCC).




“BIM – the building avatar towards information evaluation in real estate”
Frank Hovorka, REHVA President-elect

Frank Hovorka started his career in 1990 in construction field. A couple of years later, he joined the French construction group VINCI. He worked on different operational positions on construction sites. Based in Eastern Europe (mainly in the Czech Republic and Hungary) he worked with a team specialised in offices, retail and hotel buildings.In 1997, he joined the French state owned group «Caisse des Dépôtset Consignations» to work as the technical director of the property management subsidiary based in Prague (Czech Republic). He also participated at that time in the creation of the facility management subsidiary company as a financial manager. In 2000, he came back to France in order to work for EMGP as an operational manager. EMGP is a REIT company that owns more than 400 000 m² of commercial asset, and plots to develop of other 1 million m² in the north of Paris. Frank participated in the development of several commercial buildings during these last years focusing on sustainable development (offices, data center, TV studios) and a project of 40 000 m² of green shopping mall.In 2005 he achieved the first office building certified as a «green building» by Certivea (French green building council). In January 2007, he joined the international real estate department of Icade (real estate integrated developer) as head of development for commercial buildings, especially in Germany. In Munich, he achieved an office building of 20 000 m² with the gold certification by DGNB (German green building council). Frank is also involved in research projects for net zero energy buildings and financial indicators for the green value (UNEP FI). Since September 2010 to 2016 Frank works for the “Caisse des depots” group in charge of the real estate sustainable development policy, he is now strategy and innovation consultant.




Indoor environment by energy retrofitting of apartment buildings.
DušanPetráš, PhD. prof. Ing. Department of Building Services, Slovak University of Technology

Professor Dušan Petráš from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava-Slovakia, is the former vice-rector of STU and dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Also he is the president of Slovakian HVAC-Associasion SSTP (Slovak Society of Environmental Technology) and the past-president REHVA (Representative European Heating, Ventilation Association). Int the present he is the professor at the Department of Building services and dealing with the HVAC-systems in buildings. His scientific work is focused on the energy conservation by performance of the buildings with respect to the providing the helth and comfortable indoor environment. He is author and cooauthor of 15 books (Energy auditing of Buildings, Renewable Energy Sources for Low-temperature systems, Low-temperature heating and High-temperature cooling…), 50 scientific papers in foreign journals/on international conferences as well as about 100 lectures in 25 countries in 3 world languages. Professor Petráš is also member of ASHRAE, Academy of ISIAQ, REHVA Fellow, he was also the Guest Professor in DTU Lyngby (Denmark) and Guest Lecturer in FH Pinkafeld 



Can tall buildings be NZEB?

Alessandro Sandelewski






Hygienic Air Handling Units
Erick Melquiond, president of Eurovent Certita Certification

Erick Melquiond, president of Eurovent Certita Certification
Graduated of the INSA Toulouse, Melquiond began his career in France in the services division of ABB, before moving to Canada where he managed the drive and rotating machines activities. He then took responsibility for sales for the American continent, moving on to production and a general management position in the high-voltage polymeric insulators industry.

Back in France in 1998, he joined a large American manufacturer in the HVAC&R sector, where he led service activities and joined the European team for long-term missions in England and Denmark. Melquiond joined Eurovent Certita Certification in 2009 and is now president of the company


Indoor Climate in the perception of users of the building. International Environmental Standards and Climate Solutions
Agapova Ksenia, Deputy Director of "Ecosovetnik" BREEAM AP | WELL AP | LEED AP | MBA

Agapova Ksenia, Deputy Director of "Ecosovetnik" BREEAM AP | WELL AP | LEED AP | MBA





Market development, technological trends and European frame of reference for heating
Andreas Lücke, Hauptgeschäftsführer BDH

Andreas Lücke


General trends of European Climate decisions market.
Jan Kriekels

Jan Kriekels





Decentralization of ventilation and air conditioning systems in multi-residential buildings
Alexander N. Kolubkov, vice-president of AVOK


Alexander N. Kolubkov, vice-president of AVOK






Market industrial climatic. Current state and near future
Litvinchuk Georgiy, , director of "Litvinchuk Marketing"

 Litvinchuk Georgiy, director of "Litvinchuk Marketing"






Working languages: Russian and English with simultaneous translation.


Contact us:

Congress chairmen:
Marianna Brodach vice-president ABOK,brodatch@abok.ru

MichailEfremov, efremov@abok.ru

Media Partners:


International Congress on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation

and Energy Conservation in Buildings AirVent-2019
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